Saturday, November 14, 2009

Update - Roof repair begins

The crew of Randy Meek began working on upgrading the northeast quarter of the Oneida Stake Academy's roof on Nov. 9. It took a day to strip three layers of wooden shingles off the roof. The crew then placed sheets of boarding that will upgrade the roof's strength.

A layer of rubber sheeting will cover the  boarding as well as a water and ice guard. The new wooden shingles go on last.

This section of the roof, as well as the building's front stairway was incorporated into the last of the Idaho Transportation Department funds that were used last year to upgrade the walls.

As soon as additional funds are raised ($30,000), the rest of the roof will be upgraded and re-shingled. This section was chosen because a leak developed in it over the summer.


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Linda Weaver Clarke said...

What a wonderful site! Our heritage is important and we should teach our children about their legacy. These photos are awesome! I wonder how the pioneers put on that roof without falling?