Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Public seeks historic preservation

"Historic and cultural attractions in the Bear River region, which includes Cache, Box Elder, Rich, Franklin, Bear Lake, Oneida and Caribou counties, bring in more than one million visitors and more than $40 million from around the world each year, according to a recent study."

The above paragraph is from an article that appeared in the Logan, Utah, Herald Journal on Sunday. The entire article can be read at: http://news.hjnews.com/allaccess/article_10d07ef4-f743-11e2-a4ac-001a4bcf887a.html#.UffcX0b1pdw.email

Monday, July 29, 2013

THANK YOU, Thank You and thank you!

Melissa Draper and Julia Seare demonstrate the heritage art of making thread on spinning wheels.
We would like to thank the residents of Franklin County for enjoying and supporting the festivities behind the academy building on July 24th that were part of the Franklin County Centennial & first annual OSAF Heritage Day.

We would also like to thank our sponsors who so happily helped to make this celebration the success it turned out to be: Idaho Salvage, Linda Hansen, Big J’s, KACH, Franklin County Senior Citizens Center, Kelly’s Exxon, Eric & Roxanne Ward Dairy, Stokes Thriftway, Independent Meats, Edward’s Floral, Boyd & Cindy Burbank, Ritewood Eggs, Jeff Hobbs, Daughters of the Utah Pioneers, the Preston Citizen, Fighting Quaker Forge, Jannalee Fox Dance Team, Duane & Sandra Weeks Family, Melinda Jepsen & family and Joe Ward.

We'd also like to note that Franklin County is lucky to have the following talented and generous residents and friends. We thank them for volunteering the hundreds of hours that went into our fun:
Dee Hunzeker
Kyle Hardy
Hannah Edwards
Frank Priestly
Dave Jeppsen 
Natalie Dallin
Jeff, Sam and David Seamons
Jan & Samuel Seamons
Doug & Ashley Seamons Family
Anjanette Dalley 
Boyd & Lynda Condie
Julia Seare
Dave Gregersen
Jace Johnson
Kennedy Bingham
Vanessa Stokes
Tori Groll
Abby Olsen
Hailey Griffeth
Millie Geddes
Braxtyn Moffitt
Dennis Lund
Jay Hansen
Von Gregersen
Dru Westover
Burt Smith
Alan White
Lori Smart
Mike Mendenhall
Naomi Jones
Eric Nielson
Tony & Kathy Hollingsworth
Tami Smith
Diane Hyde   
Patrick & Ann Costello
Elisabeth Mumford  
Kye Christensen
Jaclyn Mickelson
Paul Jenkins
Carson Liberty
Kyle Atkinson
Joy Christensen
Peggy Christensen
Myrna Fuller
Judy Wilde
Verlene Knapp
Andrew Wilson
Jill Durrant
Nikki Lower
Megan Andrew
Koltn Burbank
Kodie Ann Jenkins
Austin Green
Rickton Larson
Katie Lower
Danni Lower
Lynn Harris
Kristy Knapp
Megan Andrew
Judy Wilde
Judy Krantz
Laura Beardall
Edna Fuller
Stacey Keller
Teresa Chipman
Ruth Scott
Josiah Cordes
Bryce Gray
Debra Baldwin
Stacy Barton
Verlene Knapp
Afton Perry
Jon and Lana Jenkins and
Jake & Megan Stoker Family
Melissa Draper and children
Preston High and West Side FFA chapter members 
Strictly Ballroom Dance Team
Levis and Lace Square Dancers
Preston South Stake

The OSAF Board members: Nathan Hale, Sydney Hale, Lyle Fuller, Larry Bradford, Paul Judd, Elliott Larsen, Necia Seamons, Kim Wilson and James Brown, and the 

OSAF Events Committee: Saundra Hubbard, Anna Gray, Carolyn Gunter, Rawana Griffeth, Thedora Petterborg, Diane Petty, Sheyenne Hunzeker, Tiffany Jeppsen, Hannah Edwards, Jennifer Seamons, John Packer


OSAF Heritage Day & Franklin County Centennial Photos

Facebook photos

Clicking the link above will take you to photos taken during our Heritage Day and Franklin County Centennial. It was a thoroughly enjoyable day.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

OSAF Legacy Bicycle Ride July 20

Announcing the Oneida Stake Academy Legacy Bicycle Ride!

Race begins July 20, at 7 a.m. sharp at the Oneida Stake Academy (90 E. Oneida, Preston, Idaho.)

Click the following link to register. http://beta.active.com/preston-id/cycling/races/oneida-stake-academy-legacy-ride-2013

Registration categories include individuals, teams, family and scout troops!

Refreshments will be served after the ride and there will be activities in the park.
For more information, please contact Elliott Larsen at 851-2593.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

OSAF sponsors Heritage Day

To celebrate the 100th birthday of Franklin County, the Oneida Stake Academy is hosting Heritage Days on July 24, in Benson Park, Preston, Idaho. 
Come celebrate with us!
The fun begins with an opening ceremony at 1 p.m. The park will then  be filled with free old fashioned games such as foot races and cmarble and jack tournaments, heritage activities and an alumni booth for anyone who ever taught or attended a class within the Oneida Stake Academy’s walls during the 113 years it was open. Anyone interested in a 3-on-3 basketball tournament may contact Elliott Larsen at 208-852-2328.
Makers of pies are encouraged to enter the pie contest, which will be judged at the end of the opening ceremonies. An OSA Dutch oven and other prizes will be presented to the winner. To enter, please contact Sheyenne Hunsaker at 208-681-0308.
Antique tractors will be displayed, and artisans will show how to use a spinning wheel and smith iron.
The afternoon will feature several musical performances by local artists.
Tickets are now on sale for a Dutch oven dinner, which will be served from 4-7 p.m., complete with musical entertainment provided by the Community  Orchestra. They are $12 per person or $45 per family. Children under the age of four are free.
A family dance will be held from 7-9 p.m. in a re-creation of an outdoor version of the famed Persiana Dance Hall. This event will feature floor shows by the dance teams coached by Autumn Coats, Sherrie Rallison and  Alexis Beckstead.
To purchase a ticket or for more information, please contact a member of the The Oneida Stake Academy Heritage Day Committee: Saundra Hubbard, Hannah Edwards, Jennifer Seamons, Diane Petty, Carolyn Gunter, Rawana Griffiths, Anna Gray, John Packer, Diane Petty, Thedora Peterborg, Tiffany Jeppsen, Kathy Griffeth, Autumn Coats, Anjanette Dalley, Megan Steadman, Sheyenne Hunsaker, Kip Larsen, Elliott Larsen and Necia Seamons.
Partners with the Oneida Stake Academy Foundation for this Heritage Day are: Idaho Salvage, the Franklin County Senior Center and La Tienda.
Proceeds will go towards the restoration of the Oneida Stake Academy building as a community center/museum of local history. 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

NSDAR awards OSAF Historic Preservation Recognition Award

The National Society of the Daughters of American Revolution honored the Oneida Stake Academy Foundation with their prestigious Historic Preservation Recognition Award on April 26.

The award notes the excellent volunteer work in historic preservation efforts made by the board members of the OSAF to save the Oneida Stake Academy Building and restore it for use.

“It was with great pleasure that I received notice that the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution Historic Preservation Committee awarded the prestigious NSDAR Historic Preservation Recognition Award to the Oneida Stake Academy Foundation for its part in rescuing and restoring the Oneida Stake Academy,” said Joanne Jensen, regent of the Bear River Chapter of the NSDAR.

“This award was designed to recognize worthy local individuals and groups for outstanding achievements in all areas of historic preservation.  This award recognizes and honors OSAF for outstanding volunteer effort and service at the community level for the historic preservation of the Oneida Stake Academy.  Congratulations to OSAF!” said Jensen.

 The award was presented by the General President of the NSDAR, Merry Ann Wright and signed by Jensen and the Utah State Regent Shirley Nelson. Wright, who instigated the granting process, said she was thrilled with the work being done on the OSA building.
2011.  Those funds have been used to restore the bell tower of the Oneida Stake Academy Building. The work is near completion and was done by Todd Jensen Construction.

The NSDAR, based in Washington D.C. was formed the same year local pioneers began working on the Oneida Stake Academy: 1890. Six years later, Congress incorporated the organization appointed with the mission of preserving history, promote education, and encourage patriotic endeavor.

With 170,000 members in 3,000 chapters nationwide and internationally, the NSDAR support several schools, provide scholarships and awards to qualifying students, sponsor literacy and youth programs, essay contests, museum program, and summer camps. They also provide service to veterans and active military personnel.

NSDAR headquarters comprises an entire city block close to the nations capitol. It includes a genealogical library, one of the foremost collections of pre-industrial American decorative arts, Washington’s largest concert hall and an extensive collection of early American manuscripts and imprints. For more information about the DAR, see www.dar.org.