Friday, May 18, 2012

Newspaper features OSA alum

Carl Bingham, of Franklin County, recalls his education within walls of OSA in this special to the Herald Journal of Logan, Utah. See the full story at this link: Herald Journal

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Value of History

    Idaho Congressman Mike Simpson explains the importance of individuals getting involved in saving history to the directors of Firefly Film and Video, inside the unrestored ballroom of the Oneida Stake Academy, last weekend. When asked what he thought he'd hear if the building's walls could talk, Simpson emphasized, "They can talk, you just have to listen!"
   Library of Congress librarian, the late Daniel Boorstin, once said, "Trying to plan for the future with out a sense of the past is like trying to plant cut flowers."
   In 2003, the National Ad Council cited studies that lamented the loss of 250,000 historical sites per year in the United States.
   To learn more about the Oneida Stake Academy and how you can support its restoration, contact a member of the OSAF. (See members listed on the left of the blog.)