Friday, September 14, 2012

Grant awarded

The restoration of the Oneida Stake Academy has received a significant boost from the Laura Moore Cunningham  Foundation, Inc.

 The Oneida Stake Academy Foundation (OSAF) recently was awarded a  $25,000 grant from the Cunningham Foundation to restore the main beam  under the academy’s elegant ballroom. The ballroom comprises the  entire upper floor of the 122-year-old building.

 “Accepting this grant is especially gratifying, as the Laura Moore  Cunningham Foundation, Inc., is involved in sponsoring so many  worthwhile projects in Idaho. We are pleased to be a part of that  family,” said Elliott Larsen, executive director of the OSAF.

 Laura Moore Cunningham was a native of Boise. Her father, C.W. Moore, > partnered with B. M. DuRell to charter the First National Bank of  Idaho in 1860. Mrs. Cunningham herself was dedicated to serving her  community. Idaho Governor Robert E. Smylie stated at her funeral, that  “her contribution to civic enterprise was the highest tradition of  gracious citizenship.”

 Cunningham’s foundation was organized in 1963, and is one of the  oldest and largest charitable foundations in Idaho. It is dedicated to  promoting organizations it believes will help to enhance the quality  of life in the state of Idaho. Dozens of educational institutions  offer scholarships funded by the Laura Moore Cunningham Foundation,  Inc. Many projects undertaken by other organizations such as  hospitals, public schools and cultural and social centers in Idaho  have received funds from the Cunningham Foundation.

 “Our architects from Design West are working out final details on  restoring the Oneida Stake Academy building’s ballroom beam. Work will  begin as soon as they give the go ahead,” said Nathan Hale, chairman  of the OSAF.