Monday, November 9, 2009

Preston High Alma Mater

In 1922, the state of Idaho purchased the Oneida Stake Academy Building from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which was getting out of public education, and converted the edifice into a state run high school. That is when it became known as Preston High School. The building was used by the school district for classes until the late 1990s.


Alma Mater

Preston High our alma mater, 
How our hearts do swell, 
When thy name is breathed or spoken,

Oh, we love thee well.

Raise the emblem of our power,
Hail, the Blue and White;
Sound a cheer the world can hear,
Our spirit is our might!

Admiration fills thy students 
At they colors' sight'
Blue and White, the chosen
Symbols of the Preston High.

Many sacred memories linger
'Round thy old stone wall:
Lo, the dream, live voices echo
Through the time-worn halls.

When the years have bowed our figures, 
And our hair is white,
Memory's hand will guide our foot-steps
Back to Preston High.

This song and photo were printed in the 1926-27 PHS Quiver (yearbook).

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