Monday, April 1, 2013

OSAF sponsors Franklin County centennial events

            In celebration of Franklin County’s 100th Birthday, the Oneida Stake Academy Foundation is sponsoring two events for the public this summer.
            On July 11 & 12, a pageant will be presented in front of the Oneida Stake Academy Building. This production, originally headed up by Karla Cattani and Peggy Christensen, and now Christensen and Alice King, has been written by Cecelie Costley and will feature the music of Tyler Castleton.
            It explores not only the history of education through the academy, but its role in promoting culture in the community, said Costley.
            Other members of the Oneida Stake Academy Pageant Committee are: Dani Dunn, Paula Lemmon, Sherrie Cromwell and Claudia Erickson.
            The other event is a Heritage Day, to be held in Benson Park on July 24. This event will feature several activities reminiscent of original Pioneer Day celebrations, such as a dinner, music, a pie-making contest, horse and buggy rides, marble and jack contests, foot races and other games, an alumni booth, a three-on-three-basketball tournament and an out-door version of the Perisana dance hall.
            Members of the Oneida Stake Academy Heritage Day Committee are: Saundra Hubbard, Hannah Edwards, Anna Gray, Sheyenne Hunsaker, Tiffany Jepsen, Jennifer Seamons, Diane Petty and Thedora Petterborg.
            “We hope the public will enjoy these events. In years to come the Oneida Stake Academy Foundation will use the restored building to enrich the community with cultural events such as these,” said OSAF chairman, Nathan Hale.

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