Friday, September 17, 2010

Del Davis and the night the academy first moved

The Oneida Stake Academy is pictured on the website of Del B. Davis Moving Company.
 See Dell's Big Jobs to see more of Del's work in the moving industry.

Del was the foreman for Lindsay Moving which was awarded the contract to move the academy to Benson Park. After moving the academy, he went out on his own. He is pictured above with Dr. Waddoups, then the superintendent of the Preston School District. The occasion was the day the academy was taken off school property onto 200 East, and wheeled north to Oneida on its way to Benson Park.
This picture is of the first time the front of the academy was visible in its entirety in over 60 years. This picture was taken Dec. 4, 2003, the night the academy was first moved away from its original location behind Preston High School.

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