Monday, June 7, 2010

Help needed

The above photo was recently acquired at the Church History Library.  It is identified on the back (in someone’s modern handwriting) as a graduation photo showing Nettie Lavina Taylor (Christensen) at B.Y.A. (Brigham Young Academy, later BYU).  Even though her name is listed, we don’t know which lady is Nettie.  The photographer’s stamp in the lower right corner reads, “Harrison & Rabe, Logan, Utah." 

However, the building’s distinctive masonry work and window pattern looks like the OSA building.  I’m guessing that it was taken about 1900-1910.  The lady seated in the middle isn’t holding a diploma, so she might have been one of the teachers.  It is much more logical that a Logan photographer would travel to Preston than to Provo to take a commissioned photo like this.

If anyone knows anything more about this photo, please leave your comments and we'll get them to the Church History Librarian who is sharing this photo.

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